VRID’S VIBES it is five if that’s just something that I tried to put in before realized that this was all passed on the thing I could do so I’m gonna go back to a botanic hey there’s a there’s Single run the side it says the update trying to touch at answer your question no at the top of a dinner with a blue strip across it says a botanical well spring spring and then it’s got a thing on the right side that says update attached update it says updating it’s something that I was going to but I was going to try to start a blog and so it’s it’s referring back to that one is the turnover around updating updat I don’t think we able to get off of this page it’s saying update page but this is not this is not what we want to work on this is this is for something else I was to start a blog with

I hope to be an example of how one can become successful in having a business on the internet.  My idea being that if I can do it … absolutely anyone can.  It might be fun to follow along and see how I do.  There’s likely to be lessons learned and for those who are solidly grounded in computer/internet knowledge,  it will be the place to come for your daily giggle.

My domain is INTERNET BUSINESS DYNAMICS.COM .  I have the first page of my web site finished.  The reason I think I can do this is because I’m not alone.  I’m part of a company named E-verge International.  One of the many benefits of being a member is  Kevin Sipe of Site Design SEO and his staff guiding us all through webinars, conference calls and training videos with great knowledge and patience, so that we can produce a successful web site.  I’m being helped and supported in my quest to be part of the flourishing internet business which is there for all of us.  I’m in the process (with E-verge SEO)  of building a website   (The computer learning handicapped like me are a bit of a challenge but … if they say they can make me into a webmaster I’m ready to try. )

The Homebased Reporter … is a blog site for daily updates on E-verge.   You may want to check it out  This is a company that wants to provide daily savings as well as  varied opportunities to  help each member reach their financial goals.   You’ll see all the news about upcoming new products, benefits, opportunities, meetings, conference calls and training times and dates.   You’ll see why I chose this company as my vehicle of choice into a business of the 21st century.  For a tour of the company go to e-verge.com/vridinc.  It’s going to be a great place to  watch the company grow as they realize the visions upon which this company was founded.

Not as much fun, however,  as watching me.  Americans always cheer for the underdog and you now have the perfect person for that role.   My first page is ready and now … on to page two.   Are you all fans of The Little Engine That Could?  Well, my mantra, like the Little Engine is “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”.

I learned to sky dive so that when I came upon  difficult things in my life, I would always remember that if I could jump out of a perfectly good plane, I should be able to do nearly anything.  Yes … computers and the internet qualify for  “difficult things”.

Okay, page two, here I go.   Out of the plane, on to the strut, arms up and back , thumb up … release… and I think I can, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN. 

See you tomorrow.

Thanks for coming,


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